I was born 2/27/90 around 9 pounds and however many ounces in Middleburg Heights, Ohio but raised in Michigan.

I turned to fitness when I began struggling with depression and anger around 14 years old. By seventeen, my mental health was spiraling out of control. My only outlets were drinking and working out, which actually made me become malnourished and underweight.

It took an MIP and DUI for me to realize I needed true help beyond occasionally working out. I went and sought a counselor and then really began focusing on myself, on my health, and on my mental wellbeing. Working out until pure exhaustion helped me to deal with the bad feelings.


My goal and mission here is to help those girls and women who may be experiencing a mental breakdown or block.

I want you to know you aren’t alone.

It is possible to get to a better place and live your best life.